CFP: World Picture Conference

For those (like me), looking for a smaller conference but feeling the pinch of a low dollar and high airfares:

The World Picture Conference on

The Popular

October 24 and 25, 2008
Oklahoma State University

Keynote Speakers: Ernesto Laclau and Lauren Berlant

The World Picture conference is an annual meeting devoted to theory that takes place in the intimate setting of Stillwater, Oklahoma. This year's meeting will gather theorists from around the world, and from across disciplines, to address questions of the popular. We are accepting proposals for papers that address this issue in any number of ways. Some possible topics might include, but are not limited to:

Styles of the Popular
The Unpopular
Hegemony and Style
Metaphor and the Masses
The Public and the Popular

Proposals (including a brief bio) should be sent to Brian Price (brian.price - at - by June 2.

The conference is connected to the launch of World Picture, a "new online journal of experimental theory." It's edited and run by some of the scholars behind Frameworks: even more explicitly than that journal, World Picture is bearing the standard for the New Theoretical Turn. The first issue, for instance is a defense of jargon. What better way to epater les historiens than with pieces on "The Jouissance of Jargon"?!


Anonymous said…
There's a reason it doesn't cost money to visit Stillwater, OK.

MA, OSU `04

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