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Classical Hollywood SIG at SCMS Atlanta

This year will be the first for a new scholarly interest group (SIG) devoted to Classical Hollywood studies in SCMS. The following is information on the activities and meeting planned for the upcoming 2016 SMCS Conference in Atlanta.


The Atlanta conference will be the occasion of our first SIG meeting, on Saturday, April 2, 5:00pm, currently planned for Room 410. Given the packed schedule, it was impossible to avoid conflicts, but I tried to pick a day and time that most members would be able to make. The meeting will give a chance for members to meet in person and discuss the group's key business:

- Election of Co-chairs and a graduate student representative

- SIG priorities for 2016-17

- Social media presence

- Professional alliances

- Classical Hollywood scholarship news and announcements

After our annual meeting (6pm-ish), will have an informal happy hour gathering for those interested in sticking around. Gibney's Pub should be a convenient option, a block we…