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Friday Giallo Blogging

The ideological trope of J&B Scotch.

That's from The Bird with Crystal Plumage.

Everyone a Pundit

It looks like I might be on Fox29's The Last Word (11PM tonight) to talk about the relation between film and politics this election year. I'm not sure what they're going to ask, and not sure what I'm going to say, so I hope for the best.

UPDATE: So, yes, I was on the program. It turns out to have been pretty much a straight film criticism segment on W. Going on TV, you realize that it's tough to be poised and articulate on live TV. And that when one is trained to talk about both film and politics differently than both the lay person and the journalistic field, it's tough to meet the expected discourse. But in all, I guess the appearance went OK.

PCMS October: Patricia White

I'm pleased to announce that Patricia White will be giving the next talk in the Philadelphia Cinema and Media Seminar lineup. This event will be held this upcoming Monday at  Swarthmore.

Patricia White, Swarthmore College
"'To Each Her Own Cinema': World Cinema and the Woman Cineaste"

Respondent: Meta Mazaj, University of Pennsylvania

Monday, October 20, 2008
5:30 PM
Swarthmore College
Science Center 102

What does it take for a woman director to be recognized as a "cineaste"? In
2007 the Cannes Film Festival celebrated its 60th anniversary by asking
thirty-three auteurs to make three-minute films. To Each His Own Cinema
lives up to its (English) title in its inclusion of only one woman director,
Jane Campion.

This talk looks at the reputation-making function of international
festivals, analyzing the politics of authorship in through textual readings
and reception and programming discourses. Although Campion remains the only
female winner of Cannes' Palme d'Or, …