1947 Exhibition Snapshot Week 4

Week 4
(1/8/47, Variety returns 1/29/47)

Aldine (WB; 1,303; 50-94c): Temptation (Univ.) $18,000
Arcadia (Ind-Sablosky; 700; 50-94c): Time, Place Girl (WB) $6,500
Boyd (WB; 2,350; 50-94c): Man I Love (WB) $25,500
Earle (WB; 2,760; 60-99c): That Brennan Girl (Repub) $21,000 with live music show
Fox (2,250; 50-94c): Razor's Edge (Fox) $16,500 5th wk
Goldman (Ind; 1,000; 50-94c): Secret Heart (MGM) $21,000 3rd wk
Karlton (Ind-Goldman; 1,000; 50-94c): Show-off(MGM) $18,000
Keith's (Ind-Goldman; 1,500; 50-94c): Undercurrent (MGM) $7,000 2d run
Mastbaum (WB; 4,350, 50-94c): Till the Clouds Roll By (MGM) $44,000 2nd wk
Pix (Ind-Cummins; 500; $1.95-2.50): Henry V (UA) $11,500 5th wk ("snapping back with morning shows for schoolkids")
Stanley (WB; 2,950; 50-94c): Blue Skies (Par) $17,000 9th wk
Stanton (WB; 1,475; 50-94c): Beast with Five Fingers (WB) $17,500


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