CFP: Critical Theory, Film and Media


Critical Theory, Film and Media: Where is “Frankfurt” now?
Conference of the Permanent Seminar on Histories of Film Theories

Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt
Aug 20-24, 2014
deadline: Feb 28, 2014

With a combination of social philosophy, philosophical aesthetics, political economics and a particular focus on technology the Frankfurt school and its kindred spirits Benjamin and Kracauer have paved the way for film and media studies as a critical discipline.

Now, at a time, when the generational project of 1968, the march through the institutions under the assumption that a revolution in Europe is possible, has largely run its course, it is time to sift through the rubble of history, collect the tools, pick up on unfinished projects and think about new beginnings.

What, then are the analytical instruments that the Frankfurt school provided that will be useful going forward? How did the Frankfurt School of critical theory shape the course of film and media theory in the 20th century, and how will its tools continue to shape the study and critical analysis of media and culture?

„Critical Theory, Film and Media: Where is ‘Frankfurt’ now?“, an international conference organized by the Institut für Sozialforschung and the Institut für Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft in cooperation with the Permanent Seminar on Histories of Film Theories (, proposes to address  these questions through a series of panels, keynote lectures and panel discussions.

Contributions are welcome on various aspects of critical theory, film and media, from the impact of critical theory on the history of film theory and media studies and film and media practice to debates about media and politics and the continuing relevance of critical theory to postcolonial, queer and other recent strands of cultural theory.

In particular, the conference proposes to address, but will not limit itself to, the following areas of study:

  • From the critique of the culture industry to the “creative industries”
  • Essayism, Criticism and Critical Theory
  • Philosophy of History and the History of Media
  • Critical Theory, Feminist Film Theory and the Politics of Desire
  • Critical Theory, Artistic Practice and the Category of the Art Work
  • Critical Theory and the Critique of Institutions
  • Critical Theory and Gesture as Interruption
  • Critical Theory and the History of Media Technology

A fuller call and submission instructions are available at the conference website.


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