SCMS 2012 Panel Proposals

Regular SCMS members who are regularly consulting the forum on the SCMS website will already be looking over the panels proposed for the 2012 conference in Boston. But others may be interested in submitting a proposal to one of the panel proposals below. You do not have to be an SCMS member to submit, but if accepted you need to join to present at the conference. Deadline is August 15 for the panels (you should contact panel organizers much sooner) and Sept. 1 for open call.

I have not listed additional information on the panel topics. You can consult the SCMS website or Google them to see if calls for papers are posted on listservs elsewhere. In all this has to be the longest list of panel topics I've seen at this stage. A sign for a banner crop of proposals?

3D, Giant Screen and the Natural World: Collision or Collusion?
Active Women: Historical Understandings of Female Heroes
American Indians and Re-appropriations in Contemporary Media
Animating Space and Scalar Travels
Animation, in Theory: Film Studies' Special Relationship with Animation
Approaches to production design (including set dressing, props, costumes)
The Audiovisual Life of Biotechnology
The Autobiographical I/Eyes of the Cinema
The B-Film: History and Contexts
Il Bandito/a: Class, Crime and International Film Noir
Belly of the Beast: Queer Studies on Conservative Campuses
Beyond Backdrop: Psychological/Allegorical/Cultural Uses of Natural Setting
Beyond the Sunday Night Lineup: 40 Years of HBO (1972-2012)
Black Swans, Bridesmaids, & Barbarians: Extreme Bodies in American...
Bob Fosse
Bodies that Matter: Representations of Motherhood in U.S. Media
The Body Electric: The Search for the Corporeal Indexical in the Age...
Bollywood Does Hollywood
Brian De Palma Reconsidered
Buddhism and Cinema
The Camera's Share: Camera Practice and Cinematic Innovation
A Case for Criticism: Journalism, TV Studies, and the Television Critic
Celebrity Activism: Industry, Culture, Society
Cinema and Community, Cinema As Community
Cinema and Multilingualism: New Perspectives
Cinema and Subjectivization: Moving Images and the Production of History
Cinemagoing and the City before 1930
Cinematernity - Representations of Motherhood
Cinematic Cities: Beyond the Metropolis
“Cinematic Time” Today
Circulations of the Flesh
Confronting Change: Media Industries at (Various) Crossroads
Contamination, Trash and Dirt in Visual Media
Contemporary Exploitation Cinema
Dealing with the Devil: Horror and Trauma in the Classroom
Deleuze from Behind
Depictions of Poverty in American CInema
Designing the House: Regulation and Disorder in Cinematic Spaces
The ‘Disciplinary History’ and the Identity of an Academic Discipline
East Asian Cinema, Urbanism, and Globalization
Exploring Indigenous Cinemas in Canada
A Face Was Not Born, But Made: Physiognomies in Cinema
Fictions of Reproduction: Representations of Contraception and,,,
Film Comedy and the Limits of Representation
Film Criticism: Medium, Cinephilia, Value
The Film Festival as Film Course/Pedagogy
Film Festivals in Latin America, Latin America at Film Festivals
Food for Thought: the cultural significance of food in Film and TV texts
Forms of Violence in Latin-American Cinema
Fragmented Nightmares: Transnational Horror across Visual Media
Framed Lives and Screened Deaths: Representations of Honor Killings... 6/30/2011
Gender and Fan Studies/Cultures
The Gendered Cyborg Reconfigured: Technology, Body & Gender..
Gendering Animation/Animated Gender
Ghost in the Machine: Technologies for Creating, Conjuring...
Girls' and Women's Media Production
Global Sports Media
Historical Fiction Film: Questions of Form and Ethics
Histories of Portability
Hitchcock and Adaptation
Home Noir: Domestic Space in Women's Melodramas of the 1940s-50s
The “Host City”: A Place-Centered Consideration of the Media Festival
Image Culture and the Environment
Imagining, Imaging, and Remembering the Method in the 21st Century.
Inner/Outer Space: Experimental Cinema, Interiority, and the Cosmos
Issues in Contemporary Geek Media
Issues of Age
Laughter that “encounters a void”?: On Humor & Cinema in the Middle East
Lensing Labor
LGBT Youth Identity, Media Representations, and Performances
Lifestyle, Taste, and Media Publics
The Logic of Cultural Boycott; or, To Buy or Not to Buy: Is That the Questi
Media Industries in the 1950s
Media Textures: Haptical Themes, Onscreen and Off
Men in Motion: Masculinity, Agency, and the Moving Image
New Media and Transgender Networks
Non-Theatrical Films during World War II
On the Job Training: Media Industries and the Cultivation of Labor
The Pedophiliac Imagination, Take 2
Perspectives on Kelly Reichardt
Places of American Horror
Playing with Feelings: Video Games and Affect
Political Marriage in American Media
Popular Music and Memory in Film
Psycho-Cinema: Technologies of Modern Affect
Realism and Film History: 21st Century Perspectives
The Renaissance of Ideas in Media Studies
Representing Queer Time, Engaging Queer Theory
Representing the Post-Industrial City: Film, Television, and...
Rethinking Space: Theory and Practice
Revising Classical Assumptions: New Takes on Classical Hollywood Film
Sex and Television
The Shifting Valence of Verité: Documentary in Distinct Cultural Contexts
Silent-Era Hollywood
Something Missing: Transnational Discourses and Practices of War, ...
Sound in Genre
Specialty Film Distribution
State Power, Media Technology, and New Forms of Documentation...
Stylized Moments—Film Style as Foreign Language
"A Take on the Ballet": Investigating _Black Swan_ (2010)
Teaching Film Studies in a Broadcast Environment
Teaching Genres Workshop
Televising the Apocalypse: Race, Gender, and Disaster on TV Dramas
Theorizing Mock-Documentary Television
The Transformation of the Chinese Film Industry and Film Market (1980-2011)
Tuning In: What is/was Television Sound?
TV Myths and the Writing of Television History
Violent Images
Women and Comedy
You are What You Eat: Media and Diet


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