16mm Care for Dummies

I was lamenting to Temple's head reference librarian that I needed to learn more about caring for 16mm films. I know the basics, particularly how to handle and project it, but my knowledge is mostly self-taught. She came to rescue by pointing me to a handy guide that the University of Washington has prepared (pdf version). Helpfully, it identifies no-cost preservation, low-cost preservation and ideal preservation as options.

I'm wondering if an explanatory SCMS workshop might be a worthy activity for the Archives committee. I'd certainly attend.


Anonymous said…
Chris -

I tried downloading... and I get an error message. Is it me or is it Blogger?
Chris Cagle said…

I fixed the link from a previous error, but don't know when you got the error message. I just clicked on the link now to doublecheck and it worked fine. I'm happy to email a copy if downloading does not work.

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