SCMS CFP: Film History and the Built Environment

I've decided to go the route of organizing a panel for SCMS'08. Please send any inquiries to me:

Film History and The Built Environment

Call for Papers - SCMS Conference, Philadelphia March 2008

"Film as architecture" studies have often stood as distinct subfield within cinema studies, one especially removed from the main currents and working assumptions of film historiography. This panel seeks to explore the areas of intersection between mise-en-scene criticism and film history. Papers exploring either specific case studies or general theoretical issues are welcome. They may apply film historical method to areas of mise-en-scene criticism, or use study of the built environment to illuminate issues in film historiography. Some possible areas of inquiry:

- The political economy of set design
- Set design in the broader history of style
- Historically situated ideologies of film architecture
- Sociology of taste and design aesthetics
- Institutional or production history of design in the studios
- Historiographical considerations of the design auteur

The final panel might be broadly conceived or focused on a particular period, as the proposed papers allow.

Send abstracts (500 words max.) by August 6 to: ccagle -AT- temple -DOT- edu.


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