Philadelphia Movie Palaces

I've put my 1947 exhibition tracking on serious hold for now, as I have too many projects on the plate. But an article on the Jumbo movie palace in today's Inquirer (mostly on zoning/permit battles) is worth putting in the vertical file:
Built in 1905, the theater had its heyday in the 1920s and '30s. The last movie shown there was "The Perils of Pauline," in 1947. The building was converted into a warehouse in 1965 for Fox Electric Supply Co., which still owns it.
Not sure what to make of my magic year. I need to research more to see how the exhibition market fared in '47.

[also: my write up of Perils of Pauline]


angelinjones said…
I am talking about the Boyd, Fox, Stanley, Randolph, Goldman, and Midtown Theatres. These theaters showed the film on a first run, even on a reserved seat engagement. Watching classics such as “Gone With the Wind”, “Ben Hur”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “West Side Story”, “My Fair Lady”, and “The Sound of Music” on a giant screen was a view to behold. Sadly, these movies lose their dramatic effect when shown on a TV screen.

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