PCMS: Suzanne Gauch on Tunisian Cinema

April Philadelphia Cinema and Media Seminar

Suzanne Gauch, Temple University
"Cultural Politics, Women’s Rights, and Recent Tunisian Film"

Friday, 25 April 2008

Often highlighting women’s issues, internationally-distributed Tunisian films contribute integrally to Tunisia’s cultural politics both at home and abroad. This talk explores the transnational discourses that enable many recent Tunisian films to promote the post-independence Tunisian government’s exemplary women’s rights record while simultaneously offering a critique of Tunisian society. It further focuses on two recent films,
VHS Kahloucha and Bedwin Hacker, that begin to move beyond entrenched cultural politics to broader criticisms of social, political, and economic policies while simultaneously addressing the lingering Orientalisms that make these same cultural politics possible—and necessary—in the international arena.

Respondent: Jessica Winegar, Temple University

Temple University Center City Campus (TUCC) Room 420,


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