More on (Post-)Classicism

I've been struggling to carve out time to post here, so it's especially humbling to see David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson pump out post after post of insights that are not merely interesting but incredibly valuable. I'd mentioned, I think, Bordwell's post on Soderberg's retro-classicism, but his followup of sorts (on the walking-and-talking shot) I like even more: it succinctly illuminates the transformation in film style between the studio days and the unit-package days - and secondarily between film and television. In brief, wow.

As an aside, I'm curious whether they are going to continue to find questionable trade press coverage a springboard for their own points... at the very least it's making me reflect on how I understand and treat historical trade press writing as evidence in my own work.


Anonymous said…
Its easy to post a lot when you're retired! (no knock on them; they earned it).

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