Cinema Journal on Digital Scholarship

The latest Cinema Journal (48.2) devotes its In Focus section to digital media-studies scholarship. The roundup includes some usual suspects, all contributing insightful entries - Kathleen Fitzpatrick on scholarly publishing, Alex Juhasz on YouTube pedagogy, etc - but in this context, I find it curious that there's no active academic blogger writing on the practice. On one hand that doesn't matter - Santo and Lucas's discussion of blogging is pretty good - but on the other hand there are not many scholars in our fields blogging, so to see non-bloggers make utopian claims about digital scholarship seems a little odd to me.

Also, Tara McPherson may well be right in her sense that "who better to reimagine the relationship of scholarly form to content than those who have devoted their careers to studying narrative structure, representation and meaning, or the aesthetics of visuality?" I'd just offer the counter-example that architects are sometimes the least self-aware of the role photography does in rendering an aestheticizing abstraction of buildings.


KF said…
Chris -- Just to correct a misimpression: my own blog is nearly seven years old, so the blogging things is so deeply ingrained in my digital scholarly practice that it's become background at this point!
Chris Cagle said…
Kathleen - Sorry for any oversight. I'm aware that Alex Juhasz blogs, of course, though in this issue her entry is mostly on YouTube.

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