SCMS or bust

I was pleased to discover that the panel I'm co-organizing for SCMS was accepted. I'm really excited about it, and look forward to working with the others on the panel. The lineup will be:
European Cinema in Postwar America

Co-chairs : Karl Schoonover (Michigan State University) and Chris Cagle (Temple University)

Chris Cagle (Temple University), "The Mature Prestige Film in the Social Field: ON THE BEACH as Europeanized Hollywood"
Karl Schoonover (Michigan State University), "How Italian Neorealism Corrupted American Spectatorship"
Mark Betz (King's College/University of London), "BLOW-UP: The End"
James Tweedie (University of Washington), "Beach Blanket Belmondo: The New Wave on American Shores"

Respondent: Barbara Selznick (University of Arizona)
This will now give me an extra impetus to write that On the Beach paper sooner rather than later, which will take advantage of some of the research I did in LA recently.

I'm also looking forward to the conference in general and to seeing others planning on going to
Chicago this year.


Anonymous said…
Congrats. One of my two panels got accepted, so I'll be there, too.
Chris Cagle said…
Excellent. We'll finally meet in person! What's your panel going to be on?
Anonymous said…
Here's the panel. I was sort of stretching to get something into the panel, but hopefully it'll work....

itle : Subjective Narrative in Film

Chair : Richard Ness (Western Illinois University)

Richard Ness (Western Illinois University), "Projectile Dysfunction: Persona,
Fight Club and the Unstable “Frame” of Mind"
Temenuga Trifonova (University of New Brunswick), "The Real: Fake or
Charles Tryon (Fayetteville State University), "Rebooting the System:
Documenting Amnesia in Unknown White Male"
Erik Marshall (Wayne State University), "Just Kidding: Unreliable narration and
digital media"

Looking forward to meeting at SCMS....
Chris Cagle said…
Looks great. I saw Temenuga Trifonova deliver at a conference last Spring - she did an interesting paper on Kracauer's theorization of realism.

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