Joys of the Screen Capture

David Bordwell has come out with some interesting posts (here and here) weighing in on Dave Kehr's Times article on Soderbergh and Retro Classicism. His conclusions probably won't be too surprising to those who have read any of his historical work on deep focus or classical narration. Nonetheless, I appreciate the ease with which he marshalls visual evidence to exemplify whatever he's talking about. Mind you, we don't all have Bordwell's and Thompson's vast repository of frame enlargements or screen captures at our fingertips. Getting, formatting and using images in a blog post frankly takes significant time and work for most of us. Still, it's interesting how undertapped this weblog format is for doing the kinds of textual analysis that many of us were, presumably, trained to do. Perhaps my New Years' resolution will be to start taking a closer look at individual film and television texts here at Category D.


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