Our Professional Organization

I've been wondering why the Society for Cinema and Media Studies has been seemingly uninterested in presenting a public voice on policy issues. To my knowledge, there is currently no caucus of SCMS devoted to the policy issues I was alluding to in my previous post. However, on the TV studies caucus website, I came across this action item:
Media Policy Committee—Jason Mittell, chair
As reported by Jason, SCMS hopes to take a more activist role in policy, and an organization-wide committee has been formed for this purpose, working primarily on intellectual property, copyright, and fair use; this group hopes to issue policy statements for the organization, updating Kristin Thompson’s document; wants to support testimony and amicus briefs; hopes to facilitate scholars who want to participate in policy initiatives.
Anyone, it seems, interested in serving on or contributing to this committee can contact Jason Mittell directly (follow the link above for contact info). The other action items, too, seem like worthy directions for SCMS to follow as a professional organization.


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