Textbook Inflation 2014 edition

I am overdue updating my reviews of intro-to-film textbooks. But I thought I’d take a look at textbook prices. I knew textbook prices have gone up, but seeing the extend of the rise is surprising. Below I’ve listed the traditional textbooks in ascending order of 2014 costs. I’ve listed the nominal inflation since 2006. That figure can’t be taken at face value, since prices have risen almost 20% since then. Some are close to general price-level inflation, but most are considerably higher.

Anatomy of a Film (Bernard F. Dick)
5th edition $41
6th edition $56
37% inflation

Looking at Movies: an Introduction to Film (Richard Barsam)
2nd edition $50
4th edition $92.50
85% inflation

The Film Experience (Tim Corrigan and Patricia White)
1st edition $72
3rd edition $99
25% inflation

Film: An Introduction (William H. Phillips)
3rd edition $72
4th $99
25% inflation

Movies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film (Stephen Prince)
4th edition $80
6th edition $127.80
60% inflation

Understanding Movies (Louis Giannetti)
10th edition $82.20
14th edition $136.87
65% inflation

Film Art: An Introduction (David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson)
8th edition $66
10th edition $143.33
117% inflation

Film: A Critical Introduction (Maria Pramaggiore and Tom Wallis)
1st edition $80
3rd edition $153.80
92% inflation

I will add that there's absolutely no good reason for the Giannetti book to have undergone four edition updates in eight years.


Sara said…
I recently found a used copy of the first edition of An Introduction to Film by Thomas Sobchack and Vivian Sobchack. I really enjoyed reading some sections of it. If it were updated I would definitely assign it in a class.

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