CFP: Book on Classical Hollywood and Transnational Representations


Edited Volume:
Projecting the World: Classical Hollywood, the ‘Foreign’, and Transnational Representations

The book brings together scholarship that examines classical Hollywood’s representations of foreign spaces and peoples from roughly 1930 to 1965, a period when America was not only at the zenith of its world power but when its vision of power helped secure the uneven transformation of Western colonialism into modern, neoliberal globalization.  Analyzing primarily the film text rather than extra-textual issues such as distribution or production conditions, this book helps expand our understanding of “global Hollywood” by asking how the films themselves represented U.S. global power and America’s role in the world.

We will explore how, just as Said shows of the 19th century British novel, the mid-20th-century Hollywood film must be read as a privileged site for understanding the American metropole’s cultural imaginary of itself and of its neocolonial others. Far from being a secondary concern, the imaginative work of Hollywood cinema should be at the very center of our understanding of America’s complicated international relationships in the mid-century period.  So how did Hollywood envision foreign spaces and the role of the U.S. within these spaces?

We are looking for essays that explore Hollywood’s representations of the ‘foreign’ in a variety of international contexts across this time period.  If you would like to contribute, please let us know by sending along a brief (250 word) proposal for an essay to and by September 30th, 2014.


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