Spring 2010

I have also uploaded syllabi for this semester's versions of my Intro to Film/Video Analysis class and the graduate Film Theory class.

I see that Alisa Perren has shared a syllabus for her grad Media Industries class - the course looks great. I am hoping to collect any shared syllabi in the field. Pointers welcome.


chuck Tryon said…
Henry Jenkins has a fantastic fan cultures syllabus: http://henryjenkins.org/2010/01/fandom_participatory_culture_a.html
Catherine Grant said…
Chris, thanks a lot for sharing these, as well as the one from your earlier post. Thought you might like to know about (if you didn't already) the fascinating film studies syllabi posted by Phil Solomon at his website MUSINGS: http://bit.ly/8wHjgt.
Jeremy Butler said…
ScreenSite provides a listing of a few hundred online syllabi. You might like to check it out:


With your permission, we will add your syllabi to our listing.


jadedreader said…
Chris, the syllabus looks great... a lot less screenings but that is quite a bit of reading... Also, I'm sure you students will be very happy that you made Jean-Louis Baudry's "The Apparatus" optional.

I thought it was extremely difficult.

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