Hollywood Cinematography syllabus

The semester is starting up soon, which means getting syllabi in order. I am teaching a new class this Spring, an Advance Film History class focusing on Hollywood cinematography. I've uploaded my draft syllabus of the readings and films. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.


Paul Harrill said…
Wow. Looks like a great course. I wish I could sit in on it. Too bad you don't have time to look at more post 1950s work, but I'm sure you wrestled with the question of breadth vs. depth early in your formulations of the class.
Chris Cagle said…
Indeed, I'm giving short shrift to a lot of trends. Essentially my choice was to try to steer clear of the notion of coverage and focusing instead on going in depth to the height of the studio years. And also to watch more than one film by a DP, which I think is crucial to get a sense of cinematograhers' style.

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