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For some reason, I've been slow to jump on the bandwagon with electronic alerts from journals. They're a handy way to know when a new issue is out and what's in it. Many even offer RSS feeds, for those who use this great timesaving tool for internet reading.

Hearing my plight, my friend Diana King, arts librarian at UCLA, sent me this handy list of e-notification services to get me started. She said I could share this with others, so I am.

Project Muse
(E-mail alerts | RSS feeds)
Project Muse is an online publisher of current University Press journals from a number of presses, with an emphasis on the humanities. They offer both e-mail alerts when the latest issue of journals you select is published and RSS feeds.

Journals of interest: Cinema Journal, Discourse, Film & History, Film History, Framework, The Moving Image, PAJ, Velvet Light Trap, GLQ, American Quarterly, Canadian Review of American Studies, boundary 2, Cultural Critique, Postmodern Culture, Technology and Culture, Callaloo, Biography, Arizona Quarterly, Criticism, New Literary History.

Duke University Press Online Journals
(register | list of journals | email news)
Duke participates in Project Muse, but also maintains its own e-journal portal with some exclusive content. If you register with Duke, you can sign up for e-journal content alerts and a personalized"My Favorite Journals"list. To sign up for RSS feeds, click on the title for individual journals to sign up. Finally, Duke also features and"eBuzz"e-mail notification service, which will send you subject-specific information on new books and journals from the Press.

Journals of interest: Camera Obscura, boundary 2, differences, GLQ, Modern Language Quarterly, positions: east asia cultures critique, Public Culture, Social Text

Caliber (University of California e-journals)
(Film Quarterly RSS | email alerts)
Caliber hosts a small set of UC Press journals. The most important/relevant one of these for film studies is Film Quarterly.

Taylor & Francis Online Journals (via Informaworld platform)
(list of journals | email alerts)
T&F is a major online journal and database provider for numerous academic disciplines. The e-journals to which they provide content are now available through a platform called"Informaworld,"which has a huge number of electronic products. To sign up for e-mail alerts to new journal issues from Informaworld, register on their site and select titles from the"Journals"list. It is helpful to browse the titles you want to choose from the T&F website first, since Informaworld tends to display things only in alphabetical order.

Journals of interest: Digital Creativity, Early Popular Visual Culture, Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, New Review of Film & Television Studies, Performance Research, Quarterly Review of Film & Video, Text & Performance Quarterly, South Asian Popular Culture, Third Text

Oxford University Press
(list of journals | email alerts)
Oxford provides e-mail delivery for new issues of electronic journals. They also offer RSS feeds for individual journals and a"CiteTrack"service that will search for topics and authors on a recurring basis. You will find all the Alerting Services options on the page for each individual journal.

Journals of interest: Screen, Cambridge Quarterly, Notes and Queries, Review of English Studies, Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Studies, Year's Work in English Studies

Cambridge Journals Online
(List of journals | email alerts | RSS)
Cambridge has a small set of interdisciplinary humanities journals available, which can be sent as either e-mail contents alerts or RSS links.

Journals of interest: Journal of American Studies, Journal of Asian Studies, International Journal of Cultural Property

Sage Journals Online
(list of journals | email alerts)
Sage offers a small set of Communication Studies journals online, and offers both table of contents e-mail alerts and saved searches.

Journals of interest: Communication Research, Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies,, European Journal of Communication, Games and Culture, Global Media and Communication, Media, Culture, & Society, New Media & Society, Television


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