Two New Blogs

Not content with an exasperating schedule of 1947 blogging, I am, with my friend Diana King, launching two new weblogs devoted to film and video viewing and education. The first, Not on DVD, reviews and summarizes the bounty of experimental, nonfiction, video, and obscure art narrative work without a home-market DVD release. As instructors, librarians, purchasers, etc. we often wonder when the hefty price tags of the institutional pricing is justified; Not on DVD can be a resource and reference in those decisions. Hopefully, in the process it can also be a way of bringing hard-to-see material to broader view.

The companion site, Now on DVD, tracks new DVD releases, particularly those more obscure films and videos of interest to film/media scholars and major cinephiles. It can also be a forum for advice on ordering DVDs and videos internationally, from gray market sources, or through personal collectors.

You can read more in the introductory posts (this and this) for each.

Both sites are designed to be group blogs. Interested writers should drop me a line, and I'll add you to the contributor list. Hopefully the wisdom of crowds can work to our advantage as scholars, teachers, and collection developers.


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