Interviews Forthcoming

It's been a slow month blogging, as I've been working on writing. I do have planned a sporadic series of scholar interviews. Sort of modeled after Henry Jenkins impressive interview series, but with more of a film studies focus. It all goes back to the rationale I had when I first started this blog - that scholarship is as much about consumption of ideas as production of ideas. There's so much good work being done and it's worth highlighting.

I hope to interview a range of scholars, both people I personally know and those I don't. I may have a focus on Hollywood histories and documentary studies books that I come across for my research, but I will also take a generalist eye from time to time.

Thanks in advance to all those who are generous with their time for these interviews.


girish said…
Chris, this is a terrific idea! Looking forward to reading these interviews--and helping to publicize them on the film/media Interwebs.
Sara said…
This is a great idea! I'm looking forward to reading the interviews.

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