CFP: Lasting Stars edited volume


Lasting Stars: Personas that Endure and Images that Fade

Lucy Bolton and Julie Lobalzo Wright, editors

Project Overview:
Film star studies have often focused on star images noted for their longevity and enduring status. The question of longevity, however, has been largely buried beneath the surface of the discipline. Although many studies have touched on the prolonged existence of some film stars, few studies have tackled longevity as a vital aspect of stardom. Underpinning longevity and film stardom are issues of aging, charisma, emblematic status, type and uniqueness, suggesting that many issues contribute to the lasting status of star images. In fact, these same areas factor into the fading of a star image, illustrating how closely success and failure are linked.

This collection of essays seek to fill the gap in star studies by addressing the issue of longevity through an examination of the various factors that affect the staying power or decline of a star’s persona. These factors may be the time of their emergence, their relationship with a particular genre of film, their capacity to stay in the public’s consciousness or their ability to age in a way that is deemed ‘appropriate’. This collection seeks to contribute to star studies by investigating why some stars burn bright and others fade away.

We invite proposals for chapters that investigate specific film star images through theoretical, cultural and historical means, analysing the relationship between film stardom and longevity or lack thereof. We are also interested in essays that examine how audience, culture and production trends can impact on the persistence of stardom. In addition, essays focused on images (film posters, publicity stills, paparazzi pictures) forming an integral part of enduring or fading stardom are particularly welcome as are submissions that look beyond Hollywood.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

·      Star images/personas frozen in time
·      Film genre and longevity
·      Relationships - both personal and professional - with directors, producers, costume designers
·      Role of fashion and costume
·      Role of political activity/philanthropy
·      Star images that endure past the star’s life
·      Celebrity and notoriety
·      Partner or group stardom
·      The comeback of a star image
·      How death can impact on longevity
·      Trends in national cinematic industries
·      Analysis of cultural factors that lead to longevity or fading
·      The ‘flash in the pan’ star image
·      Physical attributes or the transformation of the body
·      How aging impacts on the longevity of stardom
·      The relationship between race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality and enduring stardom
·      Transitions between industries - from star to director, producer, writer, fashion designer, singer

Submission Guidelines:
Please submit your abstracts of no more than 500 words and a brief CV via email to both editors by 1st May 2013. We have already had a positive initial response to this project from a highly respected academic publisher.  We anticipate that finished essays will be 5000 to 6000 words in length, including footnotes. Acceptance of proposals will be sent by email by the end of June 2013.

Please email your abstract and CV to both editors:
Lucy Bolton:
Julie Lobalzo Wright:


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