CFP: Console-ing Passions 2012

Call for Papers

Console-ing Passions
International Conference on
Television, Video, Audio, New Media, and Feminism

July 19-22, 2012
Suffolk University
Boston, MA

Founded by a group of feminist media scholars and artists in 1989, Console-ing Passions held its first official conference at the University of Iowa in 1992. Since that time, the conference has created collegial spaces for scholarly and other creative work on culture, identity, gender, and sexuality in television, digital and aural media, and gaming. In this anniversary year, the conference will focus on remembering its roots and forging its future.

Mindful that changes in media platforms and consumption practices have altered the field of feminist media studies, this year’s conference will reflect back on Console-ing Passions’ own history as well as highlight how contemporary research reflects these multiple alterations. Continuing the feminist legacies of the conference, the 2012 program will emphasize intergenerational conversations. To this end, equal emphasis will be placed on the histories, presents, and futures of feminist inquiry.

Organizers of the 2012 conference are seeking proposals for individual papers, preconstituted panels, or workshops on these broad themes investigated within the context of race, class, gender, and sexuality:

· histories and theories of television
· women in media industries
· media and globalization
· user-generated content and new media economies
· social networking
· television genres
· media and gay/lesbian/transgender politics
· gaming and virtual worlds
· media activism
· experimental media histories and criticism
· media spaces and local media
· social movements and global uprisings
· theories of apparatus and interface
· audiences/players/viewers/listeners
· mobile media
· theories of post-television

Deadline for receipt of proposals is January 10, 2012.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission:

Individual Papers: Individuals submitting paper proposals will be asked to provide an abstract of 350 words, a short bio, and contact information.

Pre-Constituted Panel Proposals: In keeping with this year’s theme, we ask that panels attempt to showcase a range of experience in the field; graduate students and junior members are encouraged to pair with senior scholars. Panel coordinators should submit a 200-word rationale for the panel as whole. For each contributor, please submit a 200-word abstract, a short bio, and contact information. Panels should have three to four papers.

Workshop Proposals: We seek workshop ideas that focus not only on scholarly issues in the discipline, but also on matters of professionalization. Topics might include: gender and sexuality in the workplace; teaching feminist media studies; tenure and family; publishing your first article or monograph; moving to full professor or administration; mentoring challenges and opportunities, etc. Coordinators should submit a 350-word rationale for the workshop (including some discussion of why the topic lends itself to a workshop format), a short bio, and contact information. For each workshop participant, please submit a title, short bio, and contact information. Workshops are intended to encourage discussion; contributors should plan on a series of brief, informal presentations.

Screening Proposals: We invite proposals for video, audio, or new media screenings. Proposals should consist of a 500-word abstract (including the length and format of the work), a short bio of the producer/director, and contact information.

Please submit all proposals, via the conference website at

Direct all questions about the conference and the submission process to:

Follow us on twitter @CPBoston2012

Conference Organizers:
Miranda Banks, Assistant Professor, Visual and Media Arts Department, Emerson College
Nina Huntemann, Associate Professor, Communication & Journalism Department, Suffolk University
Deborah Jaramillo, Assistant Professor, Film and Television Department, Boston University
Suzanne Leonard, Assistant Professor, English Department, Simmons College
Jane Shattuc, Professor, Visual and Media Arts Department, Emerson College


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