CFP: Film/Media-related Panels at 2012 MLA

The deadline is approaching for these proposed MLA panels. As to be expected, many are about "literature or film" and an area study; I have tried to list film-specific or media-specific panels first. This year's convention will be in Seattle, January 5-8, 2012.

Film and the Virtual
Papers exploring the topic of virtuality and film, including film's relationship to computer-based media, virtual worlds, digital vs. analog formats, possible worlds and virtual realities. 350-word abstracts by 1 March 2011; Homay King (

Latin American Cinema in the New Millennium
Papers on last decade Latin American films that rewrite the nations present and immediate past. National/transnational trends in production, representation, and analytical perspectives. English/Spanish. 250-word abstracts by 10 March 2011; Gabriela Copertari ( and Carolina Sitnisky (

Multi-mediated Brecht
This panel seeks papers on how Brecht used visual elements to transform productions into multimedia events and how his radio/media theory reveals possibilities and risks in the digital age. 200-word abstracts by 16 March 2011; Kristopher Imbrigotta ( and Henning Wrage (

Femmes Vital: Women Making Films Noirs
The influence of female writers, directors, producers on classic film noir: Lupino, Harrison, Van Upp, Frings, Kellogg. 300-word proposals, brief cv by 15 March 2011; Mark Osteen (

Global Horror
Papers that address global dynamics of horror genre in film. U.S. reception of international imports, influence of Hollywood abroad, Hollywood remakes, national cinemas and transnational cult films. Max. one page abstract by 15 March 2011; Nels Jeff Rogers (

Marilyn Monroe's Fragments
Any approach to the recently-published archival text, including comparative, historical, psychoanalytic, feminist, queer, materialist, biographical; Monroe as icon, poet, performer; in celebrity culture, fashion, politics, and film. 300-word abstracts. by 15 March 2011; Zachary Lamm (

Analyses of documentary films representing individuals who share some demographic trait(s) as in the Seven Up series and Twitch and Shout. Abstract by 15 March 2011; G. Thomas Couser (

New Millennium Mafia Movies
Filmic representations of Italian or Italian American mafias since 2000; discussions of group identity, gender, trauma, violence; cross-cultural approaches welcome. 250 word abstract and brief bio by 15 March 2011; Dana E. Renga (

The New Orleans of Treme
Papers that discuss the HBO Television series TREME and the literary, urban, and visual cultures that encompass contemporary New Orleans are welcome. 300-word abstract, bibliography and CV by 21 February 2011; Mark A. Reid (

Social Networks, Jewish Identity, and New Media
This panel explores how Jewish identity is shaped and circulated through new media. Historical perspectives on Jews, technology, and social networks also welcome. Abstracts (250 words) by 15 March 2011; Jonathan S. Skolnik (

Digital South, Digital Futures
Digital approaches to the U.S./Global South that embrace new tools, methods, audiences. Integration of scholarship, collaboration, and pedagogy welcome. Abstracts by 10 March 2011. Vince Brewton ( Multi-media presentations/papers by 10 March 2011; Vincent J. Brewton (

Labor and New Media
How do new media affect representations of work, class, or labor? What new conceptions or recognitions of labor does new technology expose? 300-word abstracts and short cv's. by 15 March 2011; Alison Shonkwiler (

Reflections of Mexico
This panel intends to inquire on what kinds of Mexico's narratives have been constructed through film or photography during the last two centuries. 300 word abstracts and contact information by 15 March 2011; Maria-Socorro Tabuenca (

Islam in Francophone African Literature and Film
Collaborative session African Literature/Francophone divisions. New and past perspectives on and representations of Islams multiple manifestations. Pedagogical approaches welcome. 250 word abstract and short bio by 10 March 2011; Alain Lawo Sukam ( and Catherine Perry (

Digital Humanities v. New Media
How do "digital humanities" and "new media" relate? Do they complement or compete as academic memes and methods? Does one take text and the other the rest? Abstracts by 1 March 2011; Victoria E. Szabo (

Rethinking Fascism and Communism: Eastern European Film since 1980
Across Eastern Europe, the collapse of Communism catalyzed filmic retrospection, as documentaries and feature films analyzed the Stalinist past and fascism's legacies. 1-page abstracts by 10 March 2011; Monique Yaari (

Prosthetic/Aesthetic Re-visioning?: Disability in African Literature and Film
Papers discuss the representations of disability in African Literature and Film. Discussant: Prof. Ato Quayson. 300-500 word abstracts and short bio by 10 March 2011; Patrick Muana (

Children of War
Papers on representations of children as agents and/or victims of violence in texts and film about civil conflict in Africa. 250 word abstract and short bio. by 5 March 2011; Janice Spleth (

Yiddish Theater and Film
A panel on all aspects of Yiddish theater and film, with special attention to the role of translation, adaptation, and innovation. Short abstracts by 15 March 2011; Ken Frieden (

Alternative Ancestries
Post-humanistic literary or filmic representations that turn on epiphanies of disability as human variation imagined through alternative ancestries with other species -- the ironies of adaptation. One-page abstracts. by 15 March 2011; David Mitchell (

Women On Trial. Pleadings, Testimony, Verdicts
What legal and philosophical representations of women on trial are conveyed in contemporary film, literature and television ? 200-word abstracts by 15 March 2011; Eftihia Mihelakis ( and Daoud Najm (

Radical Friendships in South Asia
Papers exploring historical and/or contemporary instances in literature and film that compel rethinking of postcolonial theory, politics, and aesthetics beyond collective ties to empire, nation, community. 500-word abstracts by 15 March 2011; Karni Pal Bhati (

Fairy Tales in Post-War Germany
Papers that examine the reception and adaptation of fairy tales in post-war German literature and film; the relationship between politics and magic. 500-word abstracts and brief CV by 7 March 2011; Qinna Shen (

Crossing Over: Hispanic Women Representing Migrations
This panel will explore different perspectives and interpretations of migration in literature and film by contemporary Hispanic women. 300-word abstracts. English or Spanish. by 10 March 2011; Inmaculada Pertusa ( and Melissa Stewart (

Why Race Matters: Representations in Brazil
Papers are requested on the representation of race in Brazilian media, literature, film, language and art. Interdisciplinary approaches especially welcome. Abstracts of 150 words and a CV by 5 March 2011; Kathryn M. Sanchez (

Intermediality and Contemporary Cultural Production in Spain
Theorizations of the relationship between a range of media including the visual, the verbal, the aural. 250-word abstract. by 18 March 2011; Susan Martin-Márquez (

Realisms in Italian Culture
The (re)turn to the real, its articulation, conceptualization and representation in 20th- and 21st-century literature, cinema and various media. A 350-word abstract and bio by 15 March 2011; Manuela Marchesini (


Cristina said…
Hey, quite interesting this blog. hardly wait to go through it.
My question is where do I find more info on the following: 'Rethinking Fascism and Communism: Eastern European Film since 1980'
Chris Cagle said…
That is all of the information from the call for papers. I would contact the panel organizer if you want more information.

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