SCMS 2011 CFP: All-Consuming Identities

Here's a late posting I've received - I believe the panel is looking for one more participant.

SCMS Panel Proposal
2011 Conference
“All-Consuming Identities: Media, Identity, Consumption”

The emphasis on appealing to niche audiences in contemporary media products has encouraged interest in exploiting perceptible and potentially profitable identity traits—including race, class, gender, and sexuality—as a way to marshal consumption by specific audiences and to extend the value of consumable media beyond their originary forms. This kind of exploitation may seem to be the direct result of the current media environment, but it has arguably been an operative technique for designing media products and inducing their consumption since the inception of mass media in the nineteenth century. Looking at how identity traits have been deployed to promote consumption of media products in different ways and at different times is valuable to understanding the larger sociocultural and economic forces at play in the creation and overall proliferation of a variety of media forms. Accordingly, the main purpose of this panel is to look at how identity traits—of actors, celebrities, characters, producers, or audiences—are utilized to encourage consumption of media products both on and off screen. Submissions may address any aspect of identity and any form of screen or broadcast media and their extensions, and employ
• celebrity or star studies;
• auteur studies;
• branding;
• audience or reception studies;
• historical research; and/or
• industrial analysis.

Please email abstracts of 200-300 words and a brief bio (name, affiliation, position) by August 15th, 2010 to:
Jennifer Jones (jones334 -AT-
Indiana University, Bloomington, Department of Communication and Culture


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