Crisis in Academic Publishing?

I'm one to be cautious in tossing the word "crisis" to describe every turn and imagined disfunction in academic publishing. But this can't be good, can it? "Excess inventory in our U.S.-based warehouses"? How many copies did UC Press print of Barbara Klinger's or Dana Polan's latest books anyhow?


Andrew said…
I think this might have something to do with Arnold being re-elected. The grad student TAs at UCLA might go on strike, too.

Hopefully it is a UC crisis, and not a national one, though it surely doesn't help having politicians who don't value education running things.
Anonymous said…
This is an annual sale.
Chris Cagle said…
It looks like I've made a mountain out of a molehill. I was just taken back by the deep discounts and the newness of the titles on sale.
Paul said…
Now that the crisis has been called off, let me be crassly consumerist and state the obvious: It's quite a sale. I was able to pick up hardback versions of Critical Cinema 4 + 5 for 10% of their cover price.

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