The Intro Syllabus

Thanks to those who have provided feedback and suggestions on the Intro textbook. I've decided to stick with Bordwell and Thompson's Film Art this time around. Yes, I will be teaching intro this Fall, details on that to come soon. For now, I thought I'd share a draft of my syllabus. After formulating it, I've come to reflect that a) it's remarkably similar in structure to most intro syllabi, yet b) the selection of films seems distinctive, if not from my own idiosyncratic ideas then from the institutional stamp of places I've been and scholars I've learned from. At least, it seems to strattle canon and anti-canonical approaches to pedagogy in an identifiable way.

I'd love to hear any reader and peer feedback, whether readings you've found useful, or film suggestions you might have. It's still not set in stone, so I'm open to ideas. Blogger doesn't allow for below-the-fold posts, so here it is in all its lengthy glory.


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