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Now that I'm getting the blogging pace started up with the rest of the academic term, I wanted to point to a few worthy posts around that I've come across this summer but haven't had the time or blogging energy to write into a proper post. Better late than never?

StickyLulu's Supporting Actress blogging continues with Ethel Waters in Pinky. The post wrestles with the paradox of a strong performance under a representational regime denying black characters agency or depth and cites Waters' "performance is marked by curious moments of stylistic discordance."

Shahn at 6 Martinis and the 7th Art provides the most economical (yet insightful) film analysis I've seen, in this case of The Little Foxes.

Michael Newman hypothesizes the impact of DVD access to formal developments in cult cinema. His suggestion that behind the puzzle film lies a spectatorial practice that manages modernist narration in a new way seems extremely fruitful. My one quibble is that The Limey is a film that for me was actually better the first time,  with the frisson of mismatch intact, when it was perfectly clear in its narration (at least to Resnais fans like myself) but seemed less programmatic than in fact it is. (I still like the film, by the way.) 

Girish on film analyses worth reading. Is there a better or more voracious reader out there?

Thom's Film of the Year site reaches 1949 with a terrific write-up on White Heat, with equally terrific frame captures.


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