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A Category D first: an excerpt pulled for a film promotional blurb. They're not my words but Elena Gorfinkel's abstract from her Viva talk. Still, it made me wonder how and when blogs are being mined for blurbs or if they will be more in the future.


Anonymous said…
I've been blurbed a couple of times, and certainly have been linked by film websites. My guess is that with the decline of the print-based critic, we might see more of this sort of thing, especially when the blurb is evocative or when the film is being sold as a cult or fan property.
Chris Cagle said…
Chuck, that makes sense. And you do such a good job covering documentary and indie releases (including ones that newspaper entertainment sections often ignore) that your blog would be a logical place for any film site to point to.

And you're point about the cult and fan film seems useful. What's interesting about the Biller film is that she's not only presenting the film as a cult property but also an academic one. That's not entirely unprecedented of course - think of the connection between feminist film theory and filmmakers like Sally Potter - but it's interesting to see this play out on the internet in a new fashion.

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