SCMS Conference Bulletin Board

Kudos to SCMS for opening up their call for papers up with the new bulletin board. They should have gone further in opening it up. There's no good reason one should have a submission form for an informal announcement board, especially when the alternative is the organization of panels through networks outside of the SCMS website. However they're organized, panels still need to go through the submission process.

There's a range of interesting material in the bulletin board, though it slants presentist in its research areas, at least too contemporary in orientation to match my research interests. I will say, too, that some really sound like paper topics rather than panel topics. Or maybe I'd just be far more interested in a paper on Rollergirls as part of a panel on cable televsion practices or contemporary fictional programming trends than to see a whole Rollergirls panel. There's a place for the case study, but not everyone finds your text(s) as self-evidently fascinating as you do. At least I'm keenly aware that people find social problem films dull.

Anyway, the deadline for posting is approach (July 15), so keep that in mind. I'm still not sure what I'm planning for the conference, though I will be attending it this year.


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