Gray Market Video

Given how difficult it can be to track down video copies of texts for study, I thought I'd mention, for those not already aware of it, the gray market DVD and video providers. I don't want to encourage piracy, but these companies exploit what they argue is an open area in copyright law to provide video material not distributed in this country. (See this article for an explanation.) Since our scholarship has a bona fide fair use impetus, the gray marketeers may well be a resource worth considering.

A friend had recommend Super Happy Fun and indeed I can say that they are reliable and their quality ratings useful. From there, you can follow the links to other gray market video companies, none of which I've yet ordered from. There are some downsides; the selection is generally driven by cult fandom rather than scholastic needs. Still, gray market companies offer a wide range of foreign and out of print films and television material. Subterranean Cinema, for instance, lists copies of An American Family.


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