Academic Journal Publishing Trends

What's a blog for if you can't recommend your friends' blogs? Particularly when they're so useful. Causeway Film and Video Forum, written in part by my friend Diana King, a librarian at UC-Davis specializing in film studies and archival issues, is a site
This blog is dedicated to seeking out quality film & video history, viewing options, library/archive issues & commentary based in (but not limited to) California's Central Valley region...

I think one has to spend only an afternoon in a library, personal papers repository, or archive to recognize the significant role that information science and archiving/preservation play in the direction of film and media scholarship. (Think of the importance of print and video availability for the renaissance in early cinema schoalrship.) It makes me all the more appreciative of a resource to keep track of news and developments in those arenas.

Currently, King has an interesting post up about the state of academic journal publishing. The short version: more and more journals are being published, while library budgets for humanities journals are (at best) stagnant or (more likely) shrinking.

This state of affairs should bode well for younger scholars like myself (more outlets for our work), but it smells of an unsupportable mismatch between supply and demand.


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