CFP: special issue on Documentary Production and Studies


Journal of Film And Video

Special Double Issue: Current Issues in Documentary Production & Studies
Guest editors: Ben Levin & George Larke-Walsh

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2013
Publication Date: Fall/Winter 2015

We invite articles that discuss production styles, aesthetics and consumption of contemporary documentary. We are especially interested in articles that address the following:

  • Contemporary documentary screenwriting (creating stories through voice-over narratives, etc.).
  • ŸCollaborative authorship and potential power imbalances between filmmakers and subjects in these situations.
  • ŸTrends in narrative structuring through re-enactment and/or employing fictional tropes to create character types.
  • ŸDocumentary fandom (reality TV stars and/or star directors) and its impact on contemporary documentary.
  • We are also interested in articles that address the effects of new technologies ad new modes of funding, distribution, and marketing on the production of contemporary documentaries:
  • ŸHow are newer image capturing devices (DSLR Cameras, cell phones, the Red camera, Black Magic cameras, etc.) affecting the conceptualization and production of documentaries?
  • ŸHow have Kickstarter, Facebook, etc. changed the way documentaries are being funded? What are the implications of obtaining financing via the Internet?
  • ŸWhat is the impact of contemporary modes of distribution and marketing (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Facebook, Webpages, Blogs, etc.) on documentary production and dissemination
  • In addition, we are also interested in articles that discuss the teaching of contemporary documentary theory in the context of a documentary production program.

Submission guidelines available at the the Journal of Film and Video website.


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