World Picture Conference: Distance

2011 World Picture Conference
October 21-22
University of Toronto


Keynote speakers:

Lorenz Engell, Bauhaus University, Weimar
Elizabeth Povinelli, Columbia University

The annual World Picture Conference gathers scholars from a range of different disciplines to address the relation between critical theory, philosophy, and aesthetics. For this year’s meeting we welcome papers on questions of distance. Such considerations might include (but are in no sense limited to):
  • Distance and mediation (technological and otherwise)
  • Distance as abstraction (or alienation, estrangement)
  • Travel
  • Simultaneity
  • Spatial allegories of distance
  • Vision (as the prime sense organ of distance)
  • Modes of translation
  • Geopolitics (of distance)
  • Distance and/as interval (distance as time, not just space)
  • Distance and unknowing/ignorance
  • Critique of proximity/propinquity
  • Ecology and distance (global footprints, carbon calculations, etc.)
  • Scale
  • Emotion
  • Critical distance/objectivity
Please submit proposals (250 words, plus brief bio) by June 17 to:


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