CFP: 2008 Console-ing Passions

Console-ing Passions:
A Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism
April 24-26, 2008 - Santa Barbara, California

Founded by a group of feminist media scholars and artists, Console-ing Passions works to create collegial spaces for new work and scholarship on culture and identity in television and related media, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality.

Since the early 1990s, Console-ing Passions conferences have featured new research on feminist perspectives, including race and ethnicity, post-colonialism, queer studies, globalization, national identity, television genres, the social and cultural study of new media, the historical development of media, and an ongoing feminist concern with gender dynamics in the production and consumption of electronic media.

Our consideration of television, digital, and aural media comes at a pivotal moment of political, social, cultural, and technological transformation. Key among our concerns for the 2008 Console-ing Passions conference is the fact that race, gender and important feminist issues will be prominent topics of political discourse in electronic and digital media during this crucial presidential election year. Issues such as reproductive rights, and gay marriage, for example, are hotly contested issues often addressed in the mediasphere. The introduction of blogs, viral video, and social networking sites has had a tremendous impact on traditional media, and their influences on politics represent a shift in the mediation of democratic processes in the U.S., and in different parts of the world. We are also interested in how new mobile video technologies (i.e., cell phones, and ipods) inaugurate a new era of “ubiquitous media” and participate in the renegotiation of the private and public spheres. Some of these recent changes are related to historical processes. As always, we are very interested in historical research on television, audio and new media.

Taking advantage of our conference location in Santa Barbara, California, which is very close to both the Hollywood film and TV industry, and the information technology hub of Silicon Valley, we also invite submissions that explore the position of women and ethnic minorities in these media and information industries.

We are interested in these and other topics that consider such developments specifically from feminist perspectives. We invite paper proposals that consider, but are not limited to the following:
  • gender, media and presidential politics
  • history and theory of television
  • women, race, and the Don Imus effect
  • feminism and the blogosphere
  • YouTube and social networking
  • gender, 'nature' and media
  • experimental media histories and criticism
  • women in media industries
  • gender and media spaces
  • media and reproductive politics
  • media and gay/lesbian politics
  • reality TV
  • second life, gaming, virtual reality online
  • religion and media
  • gender and technology
  • gender and violence
  • militarism
  • mobile media activism
  • theories of post-television
  • theorizing TV in the age of Tivo
  • gender, media and globalization
Deadline for receipt of proposals is November 1, 2007. Full guidelines at the call for papers website.


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