Penn Humanities Forum: Reel Travel

A week from this Friday, Penn is hosting a one-day symposium on the topic of travel in cinema. It looks like a great event, not least because my colleague Rod Coover is giving a paper on new media refractions of cinematic travel narratives. Note that registration, while free, is required.

Reel Travel
Displacements of Film
Penn Humanities Forum
3619 Locust Walk, Penn campus

Friday, 6 April, 2007
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Cosponsored by the Penn Humanities Forum in association with Penn's Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures and Cinema Studies Program
Event free and open to the public. (registration required)

In 1976, Wim Wenders’ Kings of the Road redefined the road film, and in the thirty years since, cinema and travel have existed in continuous dialogue. What energies, fantasies, and anxieties are released when film crosses a border or hits the road? How do movies respond to tourism, exile, migration, flight? How are ideas of "nation" and "foreignness" shaped by cinema and what part does it play in globalism?

Documents in Disorder (9:10a)
•Katie Trumpner (Yale), The Journey to Poland: Helke Misselwitz's Foreign Oder and the Posterity of GDR Documentary
•David Kazanjian (Penn), Handwork: Beyond Egoyan's Ararat

Displacement (11:15a)
•Short Videos and Conversation with Conceptual Artist Kinga Araya

Travels with Michael Haneke (1:15p)
•Imke Meyer (Bryn Mawr), Empire's Remains: Displacement and Historical Memory in Michael Haneke's Le Temps du loup
•Fatima Naqvi (Rutgers), Hiding Places: Migration and Space in Michael Haneke's Films

In the Course of Time: Travel, Cinema, Media (3:20p)
•Gerd Gemunden (Dartmouth), Wenders Revisited
•Rod Coover (Temple), Characters, Paths, and Panoramas; New Media Tools and the Displacements of the Cinematic Journey

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