New article on contemporary documentary

I have an article in the newest Cinema Journal issue (Fall 2012). Titled "Postclassical Nonfiction: Narration in the Contemporary Documentary," the essay uses three documentaries, Hoop Dreams, Daughter from Danang, and Helvetica as examples of a postclassical style of documentary making that lies in between traditional docs and newer postmodern, post-Griersonian examples.

One thing that unfortunately got left out in the editing and review process was the inclusion of my acknowledgments: I really appreciate the comments and feedback from Bob Rehak, Roderick Coover, and the anonymous reviewers at Cinema Journal.

Also thanks to my classes, undergraduate and graduate, for being an audience as I tested out my ideas. I normally avoid 1st person in my writing but here decided as an experiment to start with the anecdotal. For me, the theoretical problems of documentary are connected to the pedagogical ones.

Helvetica (Gary Hustwit, 2007)


chutry said…
Looking forward to reading it. I received my issue the other day, and was excited to see your name in a by-line and to see the subject matter.
Chris Cagle said…
Thanks, Chuck!

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