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Not to be encroaching on Film Studies for Free's territory, but I just discovered that old issues of certain Hollywood trade publications are available at The Internet Archive. The discovery made me wonder what other primary sources I might be overlooking. Essentially there seem to be two major free archives of materials: the Media History Digital Library and what seems to be mirrored copies at the Internet Archive.

Media History Digital Library
The Media History Digital Library is a non-profit looking for support for their scanning efforts - a worthy cause in my book! Their website has good search and browsing tools, so I won't link to individual journal or volume pages.

Extensive Runs
Business Screen (1938-1973)
The Film Daily (1918-1936)
International Photographer (1929-1941)
Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers (1930-1949)
Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (1950-1954)
The Educational Screen (1922-1962)
Motion Picture [Magazine] (1914-1941)
Moving Picture World (1907-1919)
Photoplay (1914-1940)
Radio Age: Research, Manufacturing, Communications, Broadcasting, Television (1942-1957)
Radio Broadcast (1922-1930)

Select Holdings
American Cinematographer (1924-1931)
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: The Motion Picture in Its Economic and Social Aspects (1926)
Broadway Brevities (1921-1922)
Cap’n Joey’s Jazza-Ka-Jazza (1922)
Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang (1920-1922)
The Cinema News and Property Gazette (1912-1946)
Cinéa (1921-1923)
Cinema (Hollywood) (1947)
Cinema (Rome) (1939-1940)
Cine-Journal (1908-1912)
Cine-Mundial (1920)
Descriptive Catalogue of Pathescope De Luxe Special Features (undated)
Dramatic Mirror (1922)
Education by Visualization (1919)
Edison Phonograph Monthly (1922)
Educational Film Magazine (1920-1922)
Exhibitors Herald (1923-1924)
Exhibitors’ Times (1913)
Exhibitors Trade Review (1921-1922)
Experimental Cinema (1930-1934)
Filmplay (1922)
The Film Daily Presents the Product Guide and Director’s Annual (1937)
The Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures (1923-1963)
Film Fun (1922)
Film Players Herald and Movie Pictorial (1916)
Film Spectator (1928)
Film Truth (1920)
Gloom Book (1922)
Harrison’s Reports (1948)
Hollywood Reporter (1933-1934)
Hollywood Reporter Production Encyclopedia (1948-1952)
Home Movies and Home Talkies (1932-1934)
Hot Dog: Regular Fellows Monthly (1921-1922)
International Motion Picture Almanac (1938)
Jack Dinsmore’s Joy Book (1922)
Jim Jam Jems (1922)
Kinematograph Year Book (1931-1954)
La Cinématographie Française (1937)
The Motion Picture Almanac (1929)
Motion Picture Classic (1920-1926)
Motion Picture Daily (1931-1934)
Motion Picture News (1928-1930)
Motion Picture News Blue Book (1930)
Motion Picture News Booking Guide (1929)
Motion Picture Story Magazine (1911-1914)
Motion Picture Studio Directory and Trade Annual (1916-1921)
Motography (1911-1918)
Movie Makers (1929)
Movie Pictorial (1914-1915)
Movie Weekly (1922)
Moving Picture Weekly (1916-1918)
National Board of Review Magazine (1926-1928)
New York Clipper (1916-1920)
New Zealand Theatre and Motion Picture (1922)
The Nickelodeon (1909-1911)
Non-Theatrical Catalogs (1918-1956)
The Optical Lantern and Cinematograph Journal (1904-1905) Pantomime (1921-1922)
Personal Movies (1933)
The Photodramatist (1922)
The Photoplayers Weekly (1914-1915)
The Photo-Play Review (1915)
Picture-Play Magazine (1922-1933)
Picture Stories Magazine (1913-1915)
Pictures and the Picturegoer (1915-1925)
The Radio Annual (1938-1948)
The Radio Annual and Television Year Book (1950-1964)
Screenland (1921-1923)
See and Hear: The Journal on Audio-Visual Learning (1945-1953)
Silverscreen (1922)
The Tatler (1919-1922)
Television Programming Catalogues (1957)
Universal Weekly (1923-1926)
Variety Radio Directory (1937-1941)
Weekly Kinema Guide: London Suburban Reviews and Programmes (1930)
Who’s Who on the Screen (1920)
The World Film Encyclopedia (1933)

The Internet Archive (
As a way of browsing holdings, I consulted UPenn Library's handy list of online books and serials (a terrific resource for vintage periodicals across the disciplines). 

American Cinematographer: 19241926, and 1931.
Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers at : v. 14-53, 55, 56, 59 (1930-1949+) [Links to volumes]
Film Daily: v. 5-62, 66, 68,  (1918-1934, missing v. 17, 18) [links to volumes]
Film Daily Yearbook: 1922-231927193719451963
International Motion Picture Almanac: 19291937-38
International Photographer: v. 1-15 (1929-1941) [links to volumes]
Motion Picture Classic: v. 9-11 (1920)
Motion Picture News Blue Book 19291930
Motion Picture Production Encyclopedia: 19481952
Movie Makers: v. 4 (1929)
Moving Picture World: v. 11-32, 35, 38 (1912-1918, missing v. 13, 14, 26) [links to volumes]


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