High School film studies textbook

I've had plans to update my intro textbook review. I've started the reading of newer editions but have not got around to writing anything up yet.

But a recent comment raises an issue that a few folks have emailed me about: what about a film studies textbook for high school classroom use? There does seem to be more high schools with a film-studies curriculum (en encouraging trend). That said, to my knowledge there are still no textbooks geared toward the secondary market. From what I gather the authoring and approval process for secondary ed is much more involved than even the college textbook.

So, given the current possible textbooks, I'm not even sure what criteria make for best adoption in the high school classroom. Clarity of writing and restraint in abstract vocabulary, I imagine. Beyond that I couldn't say which pedagogical approaches will be similar, which different.

This problem raises the question what role those of us in higher ed should be promoting film studies at other levels. I know there's been some talk in SCMS of this, but am short on specifics.


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